Sunday, September 27, 2009

Care Package from Oki & HK Clothes!

I received a small package from Okinawa that my husband sent me. He is usually not the romantic type but since marrying me, he's been getting better hehe. I convinced him to write letters to me. Emails are nice and phone calls too but there's something about reading a written letter that is sooo utterly romantic to me. Plus I can carry it with me.

He sent our 3-month old son two onesies (size 6 months) that barely fit and a pair of pants. Then since I told him I love Hello Kitty stuff, he found HK notepads and a pen for me. It's so cute because he never knew what Hello Kitty was til now and he was so proud when he found the HK pen!

I also went shopping at Sears Essentials, which is a store right down the street from my house. I don't know if I've ever seen one back home in California but in Florida, they're pretty popular. You really have to look around the racks for cute clothes though. I caught these cute HK clothes and had to get them.

1. PJ set: Pink tank top that says "You had me at HELLO" & black cropped sweat pants. These pants are so much more comfy than the Victoria's Secret sweats.

2. Two boyshort panties. I love sleeping in boyshorts!! And they were on sale for only $4.20 each!

I'm currently looking for cute striped knee high socks. I doubt anyone wears them in Florida but I like them anyways! I saw them at I really like the black ones with the white stripes. Too dorky?

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  1. hey doll. just stumbled upon your blog and thought that we had a couple things in common. a love for beauty and being a young military wife/mom. :) sorry to hear about the separation that you and your hubby are going through. i did a whole year while my hubby was stationed in korea RIGHT AFTER we got married. anyway, just wanted to say i enjoy your blog and i'm a new follower. later love!