Friday, June 19, 2009

Pregnancy Update: 39 Weeks

I am currently 39 weeks pregnant!'s been an amazing journey. My due date is Monday June 22nd & I'm already getting contractions. For those of you who are wondering, they aren't that painful yet. At first, they felt like period cramps and then they got a bit more intense, like the feeling you get when you really need to go to the bathroom. I'm not too nervous about the labor & deliver (we'll see! haha...I'm a big baby!) but I'm definitely not looking forward to the recovery process. I guess I'll have to live through it to know what it's really like but the stories I've heard weren't pretty.

I just can't wait to hold my son in my arms, so that I can be reassured that all this pain and waiting was worth it! Any day now, he will be here!

I finally finished painting the nursery furniture. His nursery theme is jungle babies. And my son's name is Jason :-)

I don't recommend using acrylic paint to paint furniture from IKEA. I find IKEA's products to be very cheaply-made, but being on a budget, I didn't feel like buying a whole new set of furniture. The dresser and side table were things we already had lying around. And the lamp was from a yardsale. I just spruced it up with some new paint and decorated it with wooden animal figures. The letter plaques were from Michaels (about $3 each letter) and I bought paint and some wooden animals to go with the theme...this is what nesting looks like hehe!


  1. congratulations and i can't wait to see pictures up of you and the baby. i'm anxious i'm hitting 35 weeks and i'm already getting these pains i'm thinking i won't even last to hit 40 weeks. the nursery looks greattt! :)

  2. aww congrats! You'll def love motherhood, don't forget to do lots of walking. It helps with the dilation process. =)The nursery room looks really cute, now all thats missing is baby jason! hehe Hope everything well go well during labor.