Friday, July 10, 2009

Claudia Stevens Eyelash Thickener

I have been using this stuff for almost a month now and I'm not sure if it's working yet. I've heard good reviews about it. It's vitamin-enriched formula is supposed to make your lashes healthier, therefore, making them thicker and longer. I apply a few coats to my lashes before bed time and I've definitely noticed that they feel softer. So I guess the conditioners in this stuff is really helpful. I will admit that I've missed a few nights of applying this--it's hard to remember stuff when you have a newborn :)

I did take a picture of my lashes when I started using this stuff (June 14th) so I guess in a few more weeks I'll update with before and after pics. So far, I like it. I was under $5 at Sally's beauty supply...which is so much better than paying a hundred something dollars for the department store eyelash thickeners!

The only complaint is the wand. I feel like it doesn't get enough product on it, so that's why I always have to apply a few coats. And although the formula doesn't sting my eyes, it definitely makes them runny at night.

Oh well, we'll see how this baby works in a few weeks!

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  1. now I'm very curious about the effect...
    will follow to see if it really works!