Friday, July 10, 2009

Okinawa, Japan

Memoirs of a U.S. Marine Wife

After many months of our strong prayers and much anticipation, the good ol' USMC finally gave us our new orders. Unfortunately, they weren't exactly what we had in mind. My husband found out that he'll be stationed in Okinawa, Japan for a year. And I wouldn't mind Japan at all, except I won't be accompanying him. The military only allows families to join service members when the orders are for 3 years and up. This is only for a year (the longest year of my life!) so our newborn son and I will remain in the States.

I've been a weeping mess after hearing this. We just moved into our dream home. I spent so much time decorating the baby's nursery. We just had a baby--I'm already emotional from all the postpartum hormones and now this? The climax of the situation?...He's leaving NEXT month! August 31st. Our anniversary. Oh, goody!

I have always been a clingy person. Yes, it's the worst thing for a woman to admit that she's clingy to her man. BUt it's not out of insecurity or anything. I just don't like to share him with the Marine Corps :-) The only good part of this situation--if there's any good part at all--is that he'll be able to visit and I'll be able to go visit him in Japan too. It's somewhat exciting since I love to travel. I just don't know about flying across the world with a newborn.

As for the baby and I, we will be moving to Orlando, Florida probably a week before my husband ships out to Japan. Like I'm really going to stay here alone with a new baby. This is all happening so fast. But I'm putting all my faith in God because I know He has a plan for my family. I trust that He knows what He's doing with our lives. And I think distance will strengthen our relationship. Whatever the case, I'm willing to stand by my man--even if it's from hundreds of miles away!


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  2. Oh I'm sorry to hear that you'll have to be alone with your baby for the year that your husband is always, I know it won't be easy, but I"m sure you'll be fine. In the end everything will work out and he'll be home before you know it :)

    BTW I saw the pictures of your baby from a pervious post, he's so adorable <3

  3. While I can't personally understand what you are going through, I have a family member who does. Her husband is in Iraq right now for an 18 month tour, and she is at home alone with their three children - ranging in age from 13 down to three. I have seen so much strength in her and I am amazed by it! You will be the same!
    Your son is adorable - I'm kind of partial to the name. It's my younger brother's name and he is an incredible guy!

  4. OMG that is so stupid! I didn't know that! I went to bootcamp for the Marines four years ago and I was married to one and I'm dating one, and I never knew that. I'm so sorry :( You poor thing, I think everything will be ok.