Thursday, July 16, 2009

TAG: Seven Random Facts

I was tagged by the gorgeous Mrs. Westmoreland to write seven facts about myself. Thanks for tagging me! I found it pretty hard to find 7 interesting random facts but here it goes...

1. I like library books. First off, they're free. And secondly, I like the way they smell!

2. I am part Vietnamese & part French. Fluent in Viet but I can't speak one word of French.

3. I'm germ-a-phobic. I remind my husband to wash his hands every ten minutes. And I have lots of anti-bac stuff on hand.

4. My fave foods are spaghetti and sushi. Not together, of course!

5. I've lived in OC, California my whole life, but I already know where I want to retire when I get older. Either Simi Valley, CA or Boca Raton, Florida. And of course, I want to live there with my husband and pugs!

6. I don't watch tv. I get my current events from the internet and the gossip that goes on at my salon haha! Yes, we get poitical updates there too!

7. I'm really shy but I am probably one of the nicest girls you'll ever meet. I like shopping for people. Meeting new people. & giving advice. I guess I'm very motherly to everyone.

Many thanks to Mrs. Westmoreland for tagging me. Check out her cute blog at


  1. aww yay! thanks for playing!

    {i love the way library books smell too..haha!}

  2. nice random seven facts. in your picture you don't look that Vietnamese, but still verry pretty :) hope the your family is doing great and the baby is growing healthy :)

    lol btw i dont live so far from simi valley, ca.

  3. I like the smell of library books too...I always thought that was weird, but now I know I'm not alone :P.

  4. Great post, it's lovely to hear more about other beauty bloggers. Come check out mine sometime if you get a chance x

  5. nice facts! I agree that you don't really look Vietnamese... it's cool that you speak the language!