Wednesday, August 5, 2009

VS Perfect Lipstick--Satin Sheets

Victoria's Secret finally got their make-up back and today I had to go check it out. They have a few new lipsticks and lipglosses & they were sooo gorgeous. This one--Satin Sheets--caught my eye. I swatched it at the store and fell in love. It's such a great color on my olive skin-tone. The shimmer is very pretty...not overly-cheap looking. And I was surprised that their makeup was so affordable considering the fact that their bras and panties are freakin' expensive (in my humble opinion, VS lingerie sucks. They rip in the washer and don't even last long) ANYWAYS, I am in love with their makeup. I want to try their foundation primer and eyeshadow primer too. The concealer palette also looked nice. It reminded me of MUFE's camo palette.

I'm definitely going back to get more goodies. This is my new fave lipstick next to MAC's Way to Love l/s.


  1. Ooo, perfect! From the picture it looks like a very pretty & light color. Now i gotta go to my local VS & check it out!

  2. that looks gorgeous!


  3. i've never tried vs makeup, but i should try them out. the color you have looks really pretty. i'll probably have the hubby go check it out for me lol since i can't really go out much yet.

  4. ohhh I forgot they were getting their makeup back this month! I have to go check it out. Thanks for reminding me lol. That lipstick looks really pretty!